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Status Of Women In India July 3, 2006

Filed under: Happenings of Life,My Philosophy,PSA — Master Cheif @ 6:49 pm

Now this doesn’t seem like a normal topic for me but after listening to all the crap said at my school, I wanted to set the record straight. So, let me begin with the crap said at my school. Apparently, my teacher believes that the women, in India are not being exploited and are, in fact, the stronger sex.

Truth is that, no matter what the religion, culture or country, the status of women is the same. They are treated like toys, one that can be played with and thrown away whenever one wants. Although, in countries like the U.S.A., the status is a bit better but it’s still not acceptable.

The main problem arises from the fact that, in the olden days, of the dark ages, women were treated very badly. Unfortunately, they did not revolt and it was a choice that women would have to bear for centuries. Whether you believe the Da Vinci Code and blame it on the church or you blame the society, point is that women were hopelessly trapped in a web of despair, laid down by men of the time.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century, about a thousand years later, women are just beginning to realize their full potential. Amazingly, this has taken a rather long time. Just an example how women were brainwashed into thinking that they belonged in the kitchen. Women experienced another lull during the time of Hitler, with his anti-women policies.

Now, in the year 2006, women are almost on top of the world. Although, many countries still do not have women Prime Ministers or Presidents, the conditions are much better for them. They enjoy as much as freedom as we do. However, since they still are a minority (esp. India) they are harassed by men in the workplace.

I believe that, as women come up in India, this problem of harassment too will slowly diminish. However, I feel that women may, yet again, see another lull in their freedom due to their (not all) sexists attitude. They have begun to do more and more vulgar/sex scenes and slowly, as this becomes a trend, women will fight themselves, in order to earn the reputation of a play toy or a true contributor to the welfare of the world. Let’s hope that the latter wins.


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