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…And I’m Back August 1, 2006

Filed under: Happenings of Life — Master Cheif @ 5:03 pm

For those of you who are hoping to see this post as the other format please avert your eyes. I want to dedicate this entire post to explain my current situation as well as tell you all what I’m currently up to. So, let’s dive right in.

First off, I am really sorry for not posting for so long. My mid-term exams had taken place the previous week and hence I had to concentrate on that. Once that was over, when I received my grades, I realized that they were unsatisfactory and so I became depressed. Anyway, I am out of my depression now and am hoping to post regularly.

And now onto what I am currently up to. I am starting my own podcast with a friend. We decided to keep it focused on our favorite topics (actually my favorite) of science and technology. It will be a weekly news roundup with some unusual twists. You need to hear it to see what I mean. We just finished recording our pilot episode and I will finish editing it and posting it soon. I promise to provide the link once it is done.

I agree that this is no reason for me to falter from posting regularly but like always, life gets in the way. I hope to continue regularly from here on. Thanks to everyone who is reading this.


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