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The World Is A Meanie August 4, 2006

Filed under: Happenings of Life,My Philosophy,PSA,Whines & Rants — Master Cheif @ 5:52 pm

Why is it that everyone always has to do whatever is good for them but not contribute to the greater good? I take pride in my greater command over the English language. No matter what you say to me, I will always believe that I am the best at speaking English. However, a few don’t share the same opinion which I will narrate through an anecdote.

So, the other day I was going up for the inter-school cultural tryouts. I was selected for dumb charades and for dramatics (to my utter amazement). So I thought why not go in for debate too (because of my excellence in English) and I did. However, there was no inter-school debate however; a comment from the student in charge of the selection startled me. He stated that I was incompetent in the subject. I was taken aback and gave him a peace of my mind. He was willing to take his friend in my place even tough I should be the clear choice. He got what came to him when I was recommended by the teacher to participate in the debate if there was one.

The whole point of the story is that no matter who a person is, there is always the chance you will be treated like sh** by them unless you have an “inn”. Now, you guys must be going, “This guy is such a naïve moron”. Well, in my defense this guy, (form the story) happened to be a nice guy. It was much more shocking for me to hear such words come from his mouth.

I always hoped for a world of equality but if inequality and favoritism is so deeply rooted within common things at such a basic level, how can we expect to see any growth? My father always told me that the world was this way but I honestly believed that all this was made up. So, I got my lesson. I can only hope that one day, when I am grumpy and old, I can look back at the world and say, “Finally, things have changed”. I hope that, one day, I can say this with a straight face.


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