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Success: Is It Just A Step Away? August 15, 2006

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Success, this one word has the power to fill a man’s mind with dreams and incite some very “unparliamentarily” behavior. It has caused the downfall of civilizations and the destruction of mankind. However, I don’t speak of that success. I speak of success in a small, limited scale. Let me explain from the beginning.


The race for the best college, education and job, here in India is pretty crazy. People will do anything to reach their goal. I am no different but my real indifference comes in my attitude to attain success. Here, we have a system of taking tuition classes in order to reach the pinnacle of our Indian colleges. So, me and many of my friends take this tuition.


But I ask you, how far are you willing to go in order to reach this goal? Will you sacrifice your time, entertainment, sleep and even your relationships to reach this “goal”? Personally, I think that such “sacrifice” is pretty useless. Think about it, what good is college education, if you are insane. People have to realize that success always comes at a price and if that price is unreasonable, then is it worth it to follow up on this success.


Personally, such success is very important but unfortunately logically, I believe that to sacrifice so much is foolhardy. I may never reach my goal but if I did so much and failed, it would surely send me packing, straight to God. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and everything has a price. It is just up to us to decide if the end justifies the price. I am confused about my decision but all I know that if I try my best and dream everyday I will reach the goal I want, and after all, isn’t that what life is all about?


One Response to “Success: Is It Just A Step Away?”

  1. melissapetey31 Says:

    Yes, I think most everyone would agree with what you said. However, this lady I work with is not a friend, just a co-worker. I also don’t know her past, so maybe she has had bad experiences. My point of the post is that it seems like promises don’t mean that much to people anymore.Everyone, male or female is cheating or something. Ya know.

    When you said its all about finding the right person…don’t you think there could be more then one? I mean I don’t think people go into relationships thinking it isn’t going to work out. Ya know what I’m saying?

    Thanks for the feedback!


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