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All Is Forgiven August 23, 2006

Filed under: Happenings of Life,My Philosophy,Whines & Rants — Master Cheif @ 5:48 pm

Mistakes. The one part of the human genome which has eluded scientists for years. A part of our genome that is permanent. No manner of mutation can change that. Since the conception of us homo sapiens, mistakes have been common. However, no amount of time will allow us to live with our mistakes or anyone else’s.

All it takes to spark off a fight, is a simple misunderstanding. Not even that, fights erupt just for the sake of fighting, but that’s a topic for another day. Anyway, why is it that people feel it unnecessary for us to forgive others when we are full of mistakes? All is takes is a simple,”It’s O.K.”. That’s it. Fight avoided, people happy and unbruised. But no, society doesn’t work that way.

It is every man, woman and child’s prerequisite that no one make mistakes and moreover, that they shouldn’t deal with it. The world doesn’t work the way we want to. Authority is mostly the reason most fist fights are avoided. Its not possible to fight with authority, no matter how wrong they may be. Not to get too overly religious, I believe that God has created us with mistakes to see how much, we can tolerate each other.

I do not ask everyone to forgive each other for all mistakes, nor do I ask everyone to avoid fights, all I ask is for a little tolerance. People in glass houses don’t throw stones. We live to fight and fight to live. Maybe this cycle can be broken. Nah. That isn’t possible. People just can’t get along. World Peace will only remain a dream.

Propagate peace. Two words to live by. Peace, forgiveness, love. None of these are the unachievable by normal men. All it requires is a simple, You are forgiven to avoid a fight, death, plunder, war, suffering… So, whenever you are about to have another quarrel, just remember, you aren’t any better. Now that’s, what life is about.


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