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The Chameleon August 24, 2006

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No, I am not talking about the Spiderman villain (however, he does have some relevance to this post). We meet people everyday, from the postman to the teachers at school or your boss at work. We talk, if we need to and that’s it, job done. And then, there are friends. These are the people who we don’t necessarily meet everyday but we still go out of our way to talk to them. Now, all of us have friends, one way or the other, some more than others (after all, the world is a popularity contest).


Imagine you are a complete loser in school (like me), you have barely any friends, and then, suddenly, one day someone comes up to you to talk to you. Excitement, happiness and relief, are the first three emotions passing through your head. However, in all that excitement logic is thrown out the window. I have seen this in real life as well some TV shows too (albeit not too accurate).


Once we achieve or gain something we want badly, we really don’t question its validity, origin or its motives. In the above case, the friend could be genuine by Occam’s razor but, I believe that, that is a rare case. Not many people, especially now-a-days are willing to make friends unnecessarily. Then it happens, one day, the knife in the back is plunged. All the fake walls come crashing down. After that, who is left to help you? No-one, why? Because you blew them off because you made better and new friends.


Those who realize this fact by this or any other post are truly insightful and might not get scammed very easily. However, the majorities don’t and so end up in the aforementioned situation. My question, on the other hand is why? Why can’t people be satisfied with the great friends they have? Then again, are we ever satisfied?  Not many people are willing to take anyone back after such an insult but if you have a true friend then he/she will.


Very few genuine people are left in this world and the shady people ruin the image of the common man towards others. I too am a victim to such an incident, I never trust anyone I meet on the internet. It’s not a habit more than it is a means to protect myself. Peoples intentions are not always clear and so it is necessary not to jump the gun.


“Two things make the soul of a man whole, goodness and good friends” – Me


One Response to “The Chameleon”

  1. yuhui Says:

    HELLO I’m here to tag! 🙂

    Yup! Friends make up a huge part of your life but there isn’t such a thing as a ‘better’ friend! It’s just how far you choose to go out to know him/her.

    I think friends are a choice! If you choose to take time to develop the friendship, ta-daa, there you’ll have a friend.

    Sometimes, life is just really quite simple!

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