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The Body, Mind And Spirit August 25, 2006

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“The Spirit is a fragile thing; it is easily broken but never far from repair”

          Kwame Nkrumah


The body is a carbon based life form. However, we humans, have a deeper meaning to the word life. We have evolved over millions of years and in this period we have also evolved consciousness.  In this process, the concept of the mind and spirit has risen. The Red Indians are heavily dependent on the spirit as much as we Indians are.


The spirit is a very interesting thing. It cannot be studied but its existence can be felt. To me, it is the companion of the body, the “mechanical” part of the body. It can never be created and that is what separates the real people from android robots. It is the driving force behind us all. We live by it and can’t live without it.


But sometimes the spirit is easily broken. The entire life force, motivation to do the task ahead is broken. It may be an incident or a death of a loved one, but the emptiness never dies. Kwame Nkrumah, the first Kenyan president believes that the spirit can never remain broken. I partially agree with him however, I do say that the breaking of a spirit can ruin anything for a man forever.


I have never had such an experience and so I merely speculate about the mental situation but I can accurately guess the feeling of such a person. We are filled with difficulties everyday and mostly it comes in the wrong places. The things we like the most are made the worst by people looking to break your spirit. I know this very well. Sometimes it is not so easy to avoid such situations. But the thing to remember is that it is ultimately the end which counts.


No matter how many a** holes come in your way, no matter how many obstacles come in your way, tackle them all and one day when you are rich and famous you can throw that in their faces and laugh (laugh out loud, that is).


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