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Invincible September 24, 2006

Filed under: Advice,Happenings of Life,My Philosophy,Spirit — Master Cheif @ 2:44 pm

Within our minds there is always something running, like a power plant continuously churning out thoughts, on hate, friendship, science and so on. More so, everyone needs something or someone to generate those thoughts. They are not created out of thin air, we need catalysts and these come in the form of our experiences.

However, as is my usual habit, I tend to focus on the exceptions rather than the stereotype. How is it that someone, who has no real contact with any outsider, is able to write amazing things? My prime example would be of the poet John Milton. This man, even tough he was blind, captivated the imagination of millions by his simple yet thought provoking poems. How was it that he could see the truth even tough he was blind?

I do not know the answer to this but I am at liberty to speculate. I believe that our thoughts are not spontaneous emissions of our brain trying to churn out more information. Thoughts are more like the wind or air, which has to be felt. When I say thoughts, I refer to the ideas, which influence others to do something amazing. Writing an epic, being completely blind like Homer, the Greek poet IS truly amazing.

So then, my next question would be, can one attain invincibility through their thoughts? They say that people may die but ideas are bulletproof. Invincibility does not come through ones power; it comes through ones ideals, moral beliefs and the readiness to fight conviction. It is not necessary therefore, to search for an elixir of life or a fountain of youth. The answer to invincibility comes from within ourselves. All it takes is an idea.

So then, run to your room, lock yourself and search deep within yourself for an idea, and fill the void left by our politicians, the void of ideas. Fight for what you believe in and make sure that your ideas are protected because without them, you are nothing more than a shell.

“You can jail a revolutionary, but you cannot jail the revolution.” — Bobby Seale


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