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Life Is A Popularity Contest September 26, 2006

Filed under: Advice,My Philosophy,PSA — Master Cheif @ 6:07 pm

To many, there are only two things which really matter popularity and its ensuing consequence, power. When people live such a one dimensional life it is easy to see that they mostly end up as losers in life. There is no way that one can achieve anything directly in life. It takes a mixture of faith, hope and hard work. They why is it that most people assume that popular people are the most likely to be successful?

I am basing this whole point on the assumption that popular people think they will be successful. What is popularity anyway? As a stranger to popularity I am completely unaware of this; however I am very aware of its affects. I guess, in many ways that it is knowledge and the false sense of security of having eternal friends which causes the ignorant bliss coming from such people. I believe, and may be true in thinking so, that everyone wants to be happy and an essential ingredient of happiness is security.

I am however, completely sure that this friendship is permanent, atleast until the popularity fades away. The human mind is extremely complex, and thus it is impossible to determine every possible reaction to popularity. It may seem unreasonable that I assume all popular people are stuck up snobs. This may not entail true, yet, in my experience I have seen no such thing.

In much the same way as a school, life too is a popularity contest. Those who are well liked and popular always seem to be at the forefront of getting good jobs, cars, wives and so on. As the dearth of being unpopular becomes apparent to us, even me, and so most of us wish for a better life. The popular life may seem better to most but this depends entirely on what your definition of a “better” life is.

To me, a better life doesn’t mean a better car or a wife. It comes from ones inner being. It is our decision to be good in spite of not being popular or well known. After all, at the time of death all these things are irrelevant. As the famous poem once stated, “Death is nothing but the leveler. At death, neither rich nor poor can be saved, only the virtuous.” A better life is a virtuous life. It doesn’t matter how popular one is or how famous one is. A true person’s memory always lives forever in the minds of those whom he has touched, and to us that should be all the consolation we need to live life, to fight our demons and to make this place a better one.


3 Responses to “Life Is A Popularity Contest”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    i was looking for something like this. finally someone who can shed some light on the whole popularity contest we subject ourselves to growing up. i’ve reached the stage of early adult life where i don’t want it to matter to me. when i want someone to tell me happiness comes from the inside, not by comparison to others, or living up to society ideals of being thin, wealthy, sociable.. etc etc

  2. Alison Says:

    Death is nothing but the leveler. At death, neither rich nor poor can be saved, only the virtuous

    Which poem said this?

    I tried to google it.. and no results came up.

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