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Born To Hate September 28, 2006

Filed under: Advice,Happenings of Life,My Philosophy,Whines & Rants — Master Cheif @ 6:47 pm

One experience, to be exact one bad experience, that’s all it takes to create a mind filled with pessimistic hatred for all of humanity. I used to be quite the same and so I can relate very much to this post.

Everyone has bad experience and so did I and just like the many others of the world I let all that get to me, I closed myself from any real human contact. I am very stingy in giving away trust; I was a lot more before. I however, am not too keen on sharing my personal experiences so you will just let all that die here. Anyway, I was wrong in what I did. No one is invincible, they are struck down somehow, and it’s a sad conundrum that such things are done by our own race.

We, as humans ourselves should sympathize with each other, but we don’t creating an endless cycle of hate and deceit. It may seem really extraordinary that so few can hate so much, but that’s the power of the human mind. Everything is relative and to me the definition of “real” hate goes way beyond the word or fist fights. It’s more of an ego thing, the clash of opposite worlds, the hate so deep that it contaminates our very core, it changes who we are.

Such life changing experience can be catastrophic. However, what can be more is the way we deal with such problems. I took the wrong way, by keeping a grudge and now I repent for my mistakes. I have learnt the “right” way (according to me, that is) and so am happy with whom I am. I do not condemn those who carry hate in their hearts only if they are beyond the point of no return. There is no hope for them.

I cannot blame people themselves for all this because; it is after all our nurturing and environment which makes us who we are. If we free our minds, throw away all barriers of sense, ego, and pride, the world will be more confusing yes, but so much more beautiful. All it takes is a few minutes of reflection to do right our mistakes. I am not a preacher, just a person concerned with making a better world for the next generation.
I am also no hippie, and do not advocate not standing up to people. Fighting is a part of our daily lives, we all have to hate someone or something, but when that hate bubbles up into a ball of envy, anger and revenge we have the problem of “true” hate. I only advise and so I ask all of you to please let go of such things, just remember that we are not the only ones who have something to hate. This is our world and so it is our responsibility to make sure that we make it all right.

“Lives are not destroyed by our experiences; they are destroyed by our actions.”


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