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Looking For A Reason September 29, 2006

Filed under: Advice,Happenings of Life,My Philosophy — Master Cheif @ 3:27 pm

Justification. It is mans only way to discern his actions, to make sure that he has done the correct thing. We justify everything from our impulse purchases to our most dreadful of sins. We need this justification to have confirmation that our deed has been the right one. However, humans, like you and me are prone to making up reasons to justify our own deeds.

Unfortunately, most of us justify the deed after it has been done. If these few minutes of reflections were used more usefully before the deed the out come would have been much more profitable. It is really a shame that most of the people, who I know of, do just the opposite of my advice. But then again there is another class of people who go a step further.

I also know of a few who make up false justifications for their actions. To them, every deed, every action is the correct one, it is the absolute truth. Now I can agree that confidence is a good thing but there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. Justifying the wrong deed with a flawed judgment is awful and may cause more harm than good.

These people who I describe are not so because of some destiny they were given, they are so because of choice. Everything boils down to choice, we can choose to decide that every action of ours is the right one, but that doesn’t make it true. We all learn to accept our mistake and most of us feel sorry for them too. However, these people are afraid of committing a mistake so, they deicide to cover it up; bury it by pretending that it was the correct decision.

Those who fear nothing again are liars because they are afraid of getting afraid. Similarly, those who say they never make the wrong call are liars in their own right because they too are afraid of committing a mistake. Those who learn to live with their mistakes can go a long way in life while those who bury it will continue to fight their demons for the rest of their lives.


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