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So What Do You Do? October 24, 2006

Filed under: Advice,My Philosophy,Spirit — Master Cheif @ 6:15 pm

This life is a complex mixture of troubles, heartaches, death and birth. Within this cycle, people manage to fill it up with troubles, some of which can really break down any normal person. So then, I ask, what will you do if such a thing were to happen in your life?

It seems really difficult to understand, at least for me though, how can one life have more problems than there are days. I don’t mean only the important stuff life making marriage commitments but everything, all facets of life. I really do hate it when people underplay childrens’ problems but that is a topic for a later time.

Running has always been the panacea for all problems. Running away is just so easy to do in the face of a problem that I doubt that it has never occurred in a normal persons mind, no matter how powerful or strong he may be. The answers are not so easy to find, and searching is very difficult to do.

Ultimately, we (or more specifically, me) find solace in the only thing we have left. For me, it’s my parents. I find solace, comfort and happiness within their presence. I am lucky to have them in the first place, but there are those who have nothing, no one to comfort them. Their lives go on, forgetting their previous problems moving on to the next. It takes real courage to face them alone but for some reason, we have become weaker.

I don’t have the courage to face my own problems sometimes. I know that they are they for a reason, but without knowing why I can’t answer them. But coming back to the topic, what do you do when it all comes down on you. Well, I can say for all sure that, in the face of all my problems, I learn to deal with them, by myself, with my own courage. After all, isn’t that what the “Creator” wants from us?


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