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Before I Die… November 20, 2006

Filed under: Advice,Happenings of Life,My Philosophy — Master Cheif @ 3:46 pm

There are so many things I want to do before I die. Fly in a Concorde, sky dive and maybe even give my parents a stroke by getting suspended at school. But there are somethings even more important than what I want to do. It’s what I have to finish before I go.

We all have unfinished business when we die, or so I believe, in either case, there are somethings which we wish to do but due to certain circumstances we forget, or are unable to. However, there is one thing which we all have to complete before we die. Forgiveness.

There are a thousand apologies which we have to give out, people who we have hurt, who we have forsaken, who we have harmed. All are deserving of such a testament. As Gandhiji once put it, “It takes a whip to control, but it takes an entire mind to forgive”. Great words, but where do we start?

I guess such a delicate topic requires a lot of questions answered, however, not all lives are the same and as such, not all answers can be the same too. Unfinished business is an understatement compared to what we have to finish before we die. It seems like quite a weird feeling, realizing that we have done so much to influence others lives yet not even once have we felt responsible for it.

I always wished that I could say all that I have before I go, and it seems strange that I say so at such a young age. I feel that this life is too short for doing all that we want. We need more time, yet in all the magnificence that is life, we have forgotten the whole basis of human life. It is how wars have overturned and how we have survived for so long, tolerance and forgiveness.

But then, how can we not try to do our best in finishing our lives in the same way? I guess this will remain a mystery to all but those who have done so. Perhaps I have stumbled upon an age old forgone tradition, or perhaps the whole point of life is to live is happily. I cannot say, however, I never doubt my conscience and so I will do what it tells me. And thus, I believe that such is all our responsibility. I guess a good place to start, is to ask forgiveness from our parents.