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Be The Best That You Can December 25, 2006

Filed under: Advice,Happenings of Life,My Philosophy — Master Cheif @ 6:59 pm

What ten minutes of silence and deep thinking won’t get you? I have been to places where people shudder to think about, I have done the most I can to help myself. I have enjoyed my life, my friends, my family and everything about it. Honestly, I sometimes consider myself the leader of my group, the alpha male, but sometimes, even I have to take a look around, to bring it all back to me.

They say that animals are the only ones who move in herds. We too are no different. Humans are much like animals; all of us stick to our herd. And just like every other animal group, every herd has its own leader. In my opinion, a leader never doubts his decision; he never makes a mistake, because, to him, a mistake is never worth considering. I do, however, ask, is this the kind of person we need?

I was wrong. Leaders are that way; it’s not how they should be. I think we are pretty much done with arrogant men with their infallible egos. I never wanted to be the kind of person who doesn’t care, who doesn’t make mistakes. After all, isn’t the message of life to turn and face the storm? How can anyone be adhere to this, if there is no storm in their life at all?

That’s why I say, a little reconciliation is necessary for us, no matter where we are. I take great pride in doing so, quite often too. However, I fail to impress anyone. It is either that they don’t care, or that what I do is useless. Trying to sidestep modesty for a minute, I really think that it’s the former. I have done things for other people without even a slice of gratitude, and perhaps, will continue to do so.

I do not write this post to whine about my life, but instead I hope to give some fulfillment to myself, and what I do. There is emptiness in everyones life, and sometimes, the best way to plug it, is to know that no matter what we do, what we are and what we have become, it never goes unnoticed. There is always someone around, even when the room is empty.


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