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From Love To Death February 17, 2007

Filed under: Advice,My Philosophy,Whines & Rants — Master Cheif @ 6:59 pm

Hey guys, sorry for the long delay between all the posts, I had a lot going on but will try to be more regular. I have decided to change my style of writing, albeit only in a few aspects, however, I hope that it is better than my previous style.

What a journey, life is. It goes from bad to worse to good and then great. It’s a modern day roller coaster ride. But there is one relationship I have always noticed, which is coincidental because of the recent Valentine’s Day celebration (of which I have my own opinions). I don’t seem to understand the whole relationship between love, death and depression. I mean, what is it with people; all they can seem to think of when they fall in love (if such a thing even exists) is sadness.

It seems oxymoron-ish in a way. The whole point of love is to make us happy. It gives this world the “secret sauce” which makes it a living, breathing place. Then why are the two most commonly related terms, love and death? Shakespeare was kind of pioneer in the field. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet et cetera, all these seem to display some kind of mental anguish. Love seems to be so complicated. I sure as hell can’t make head or tail of it.

Being a brother and a son, I do have an idea about one aspect of it, but I am pretty sure that everyone reading this has an idea too. The love between a man and a woman is supposed to be special, but it turns out more complex, factors, variables and time, all these seem to be kind of a blockade, a hurdle if you will, to the ultimate goal of true love.

Then again, I am curious to think, does love even exist in its purest form? Are the days of undying love as those of fairy tales dead? I hope not. But the more I see, the more I find contradictory examples. Rape, sex and drugs, trying to get a girl in bed seems to the new ultimate goal. Perhaps all those who have experienced the thought of love, or even its mere perception were deceived, or were hoping to find redemption in being lucky enough to find that special someone.

They say that one has not experienced life until they have experienced love. It seems now that the experience of life has been destroyed for most of us. I can see it now; most of us go to the great beyond disappointed at what life had to offer us. All I hope for the future is that I will one day be able to find my own special someone. I just want to experience life, is that so difficult to accomplish?


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