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Most Influential Movies Of All Time February 23, 2007

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Ok, so I received word from many of my friends that my blog was way too dull and boring. So, being the genius that I am, I have decided to diversify this blog into all the topics that interest me. So, I’d like to begin with this awesome article that I found online.

Although, I must admit that most of these movies I have not seen and those I am currently in the process of getting my grubby hands on the DVD’s. However I do have my opinions on the one’s which I have seen.

Star Wars (1977)
Directed by George Lucas

One of the best movies I have ever seen. Know this; I am not like most other fan boys who are gaga after these movies. In fact, even though this movie released before I was born, I loved it. I saw it in 2001 (yeah, I had a lot going on) I absolutely loved it. Although I did think that the lighsabers do look better in the recent movies, nothing could beat the story and the style and of course, the aliens. Although I am treading on hallowed ground talking about this movie, know this, I am no geek fan of the movie so please forgive me for not being totally accurate in the names or anything I have said so far.

Terminator 2 (1991)
Directed by James Cameron

When I first saw this movie, all I had to say was “WOW”. The CGI, action and story were addictive. In fact, I saw the second movie before the first and even though the first was not as good as this one, I had to see it. I went so far as to even getting the damn DVD for my birthday. Kind of crazy for me, usually I appreciate normal (more expensive) gifts. Personal experiences aside, I think that this was the first movie to instill the notion of “Run! Robots, taking over the world” and do it properly. The mother son relationship also added quite some depth to the movie. And it goes without saying, that the liquid terminator (sorry, I forgot the name) is the coolest robot ever made.

Jurassic Park (1993)
Directed by Steven Spielberg

I saw this movie when I was really young, so it kinda became the Jaws of my era. The animatronics were top notch, and the whole dinosaur island thing was new, and it made a much better plot than the previous “military experiment gone wrong” scenarios. I don’t have much to say about this movie other than the fact that it was the best made Jurassic Park movies among the three.

The Matrix (1999)
Directed by The Wachowski Brothers

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was almost dying to see the movie. The hype for it was completely lived up to by the movie. Although the sequels were not as good, they were not bad either. It was quite an eye opener for me, having seen it when I was 10. Really into computing at the time (as I am now) I couldn’t wrap my head around the plot for quite a long time. However, that didn’t stop me from watching the movie over 10 times. According to me, this is the BEST “Robots have taken over the world” story ever. The action was also revolutionary and it was solely responsible for the hike in the sales of flying trench coats.

Well, there it is my list of the most influential movies of all time (among those which I have seen). Hope everyone enjoyed that