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From Love To Death February 17, 2007

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Hey guys, sorry for the long delay between all the posts, I had a lot going on but will try to be more regular. I have decided to change my style of writing, albeit only in a few aspects, however, I hope that it is better than my previous style.

What a journey, life is. It goes from bad to worse to good and then great. It’s a modern day roller coaster ride. But there is one relationship I have always noticed, which is coincidental because of the recent Valentine’s Day celebration (of which I have my own opinions). I don’t seem to understand the whole relationship between love, death and depression. I mean, what is it with people; all they can seem to think of when they fall in love (if such a thing even exists) is sadness.

It seems oxymoron-ish in a way. The whole point of love is to make us happy. It gives this world the “secret sauce” which makes it a living, breathing place. Then why are the two most commonly related terms, love and death? Shakespeare was kind of pioneer in the field. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet et cetera, all these seem to display some kind of mental anguish. Love seems to be so complicated. I sure as hell can’t make head or tail of it.

Being a brother and a son, I do have an idea about one aspect of it, but I am pretty sure that everyone reading this has an idea too. The love between a man and a woman is supposed to be special, but it turns out more complex, factors, variables and time, all these seem to be kind of a blockade, a hurdle if you will, to the ultimate goal of true love.

Then again, I am curious to think, does love even exist in its purest form? Are the days of undying love as those of fairy tales dead? I hope not. But the more I see, the more I find contradictory examples. Rape, sex and drugs, trying to get a girl in bed seems to the new ultimate goal. Perhaps all those who have experienced the thought of love, or even its mere perception were deceived, or were hoping to find redemption in being lucky enough to find that special someone.

They say that one has not experienced life until they have experienced love. It seems now that the experience of life has been destroyed for most of us. I can see it now; most of us go to the great beyond disappointed at what life had to offer us. All I hope for the future is that I will one day be able to find my own special someone. I just want to experience life, is that so difficult to accomplish?


Be The Best That You Can December 25, 2006

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What ten minutes of silence and deep thinking won’t get you? I have been to places where people shudder to think about, I have done the most I can to help myself. I have enjoyed my life, my friends, my family and everything about it. Honestly, I sometimes consider myself the leader of my group, the alpha male, but sometimes, even I have to take a look around, to bring it all back to me.

They say that animals are the only ones who move in herds. We too are no different. Humans are much like animals; all of us stick to our herd. And just like every other animal group, every herd has its own leader. In my opinion, a leader never doubts his decision; he never makes a mistake, because, to him, a mistake is never worth considering. I do, however, ask, is this the kind of person we need?

I was wrong. Leaders are that way; it’s not how they should be. I think we are pretty much done with arrogant men with their infallible egos. I never wanted to be the kind of person who doesn’t care, who doesn’t make mistakes. After all, isn’t the message of life to turn and face the storm? How can anyone be adhere to this, if there is no storm in their life at all?

That’s why I say, a little reconciliation is necessary for us, no matter where we are. I take great pride in doing so, quite often too. However, I fail to impress anyone. It is either that they don’t care, or that what I do is useless. Trying to sidestep modesty for a minute, I really think that it’s the former. I have done things for other people without even a slice of gratitude, and perhaps, will continue to do so.

I do not write this post to whine about my life, but instead I hope to give some fulfillment to myself, and what I do. There is emptiness in everyones life, and sometimes, the best way to plug it, is to know that no matter what we do, what we are and what we have become, it never goes unnoticed. There is always someone around, even when the room is empty.


Before I Die… November 20, 2006

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There are so many things I want to do before I die. Fly in a Concorde, sky dive and maybe even give my parents a stroke by getting suspended at school. But there are somethings even more important than what I want to do. It’s what I have to finish before I go.

We all have unfinished business when we die, or so I believe, in either case, there are somethings which we wish to do but due to certain circumstances we forget, or are unable to. However, there is one thing which we all have to complete before we die. Forgiveness.

There are a thousand apologies which we have to give out, people who we have hurt, who we have forsaken, who we have harmed. All are deserving of such a testament. As Gandhiji once put it, “It takes a whip to control, but it takes an entire mind to forgive”. Great words, but where do we start?

I guess such a delicate topic requires a lot of questions answered, however, not all lives are the same and as such, not all answers can be the same too. Unfinished business is an understatement compared to what we have to finish before we die. It seems like quite a weird feeling, realizing that we have done so much to influence others lives yet not even once have we felt responsible for it.

I always wished that I could say all that I have before I go, and it seems strange that I say so at such a young age. I feel that this life is too short for doing all that we want. We need more time, yet in all the magnificence that is life, we have forgotten the whole basis of human life. It is how wars have overturned and how we have survived for so long, tolerance and forgiveness.

But then, how can we not try to do our best in finishing our lives in the same way? I guess this will remain a mystery to all but those who have done so. Perhaps I have stumbled upon an age old forgone tradition, or perhaps the whole point of life is to live is happily. I cannot say, however, I never doubt my conscience and so I will do what it tells me. And thus, I believe that such is all our responsibility. I guess a good place to start, is to ask forgiveness from our parents.


Just Like The Tides October 25, 2006

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Among the billions of people present in the world, we are still unique. There are some traits, some facets in us which make us who we are. Seems amazing to me sometimes how much variation there can be. Yet, there are some who don’t seem to understand it at all. The beauty of life is not to be the best in it, but to live it the fullest because really, we only get one chance.

Rejection, failure, incompetence et al are all the various phases of the same thing, they are all synonyms of an inferior person. I have had a lot of failures in my life but I have always thought that no matter what anyone says, I will do what I want to. It seems stupid tough, that I follow only myself but just think about it. Is that really so conceited?

I really don’t understand why it is that some people cannot just accept their failures and walk on. Why are they always stuck in the same moment, the same memory? Ridicule is the best form of self improvement. I can still remember the feeling of satisfaction when I showed all the “wise guys” that I was the best in something. I guess it’s all in the mind.

Take a look around, how many of us really do achieve all we want? Amongst all the beggars, hobos and unemployed we are born to people who can do something to stray us away from the same fate. We hold the key to our own success, but it really depends on what your idea of success really is. You could think that success is merely getting praise, attention and being superior to everyone else, but then would you ever feel satisfied with yourself. There will always be someone better.

The real flaw of such thought is that our happiness becomes dependent on an external factor, the most unpredictable one, in fact. I am talking about our own human race. We are fickle minded, and anyone who depends on us for our own success is really headed for the same fate, an unknown future. It may very well be that he/she could be a super hit but is it really that likely? I think not.

Dreams are the real keys to success. Success is not a physical thing, it’s just a state of mind, something we have to live with but can’t live without. Forget everyone else, if the thing you do makes you happy, then do it but always remember, forget everything else, everything…


So What Do You Do? October 24, 2006

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This life is a complex mixture of troubles, heartaches, death and birth. Within this cycle, people manage to fill it up with troubles, some of which can really break down any normal person. So then, I ask, what will you do if such a thing were to happen in your life?

It seems really difficult to understand, at least for me though, how can one life have more problems than there are days. I don’t mean only the important stuff life making marriage commitments but everything, all facets of life. I really do hate it when people underplay childrens’ problems but that is a topic for a later time.

Running has always been the panacea for all problems. Running away is just so easy to do in the face of a problem that I doubt that it has never occurred in a normal persons mind, no matter how powerful or strong he may be. The answers are not so easy to find, and searching is very difficult to do.

Ultimately, we (or more specifically, me) find solace in the only thing we have left. For me, it’s my parents. I find solace, comfort and happiness within their presence. I am lucky to have them in the first place, but there are those who have nothing, no one to comfort them. Their lives go on, forgetting their previous problems moving on to the next. It takes real courage to face them alone but for some reason, we have become weaker.

I don’t have the courage to face my own problems sometimes. I know that they are they for a reason, but without knowing why I can’t answer them. But coming back to the topic, what do you do when it all comes down on you. Well, I can say for all sure that, in the face of all my problems, I learn to deal with them, by myself, with my own courage. After all, isn’t that what the “Creator” wants from us?


Running Away October 22, 2006

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“It’s only when you have seen death can you truly understand life”

One of my favorite quotes, from the book Frankenstein. In the beginning, this quote didn’t mean much more to me than the fact that it was completely fictitious and had no bearing in real life. After all, who among us can actually experience death and live to tell the tale. However, as I grew older I realized that there was much more meaning in those words than I had previously thought.

As far as I am concerned, these words do explain much of life to me. In order to know what is good, you have to know what is bad. This is a whole and complete fact. I cannot know what to believe, unless I experience everything. Prejudice is the enemy of knowledge. Something which is akin to a flame burning down a beautiful city.

I would’ve never known that fighting or violence is a bad thing unless I was a “bad ass” myself. Not that I condone such actions, I am trying to make a point. I would’ve have never known that being good, or atleast trying to be good, is the most important thing for a human. Although people may disagree, I don’t care.

In order to find the perfect partner, friend or mate, we devote our whole lives, when, according to me there is only one criteria. All I want is to know a person who has experienced all the evil, hatred and the complete darkness in this world and yet has decided to be good, wholeheartedly. All else is irrelevant. Saying so, I have narrowed down the results to a bare minimum but does it matter? As long as such people exist, we will see this world grow.


Death: The Leveler October 8, 2006

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I have been thinking recently, and it struck me, that to most people death is nothing but an escape. Suicide is not only a means to end ones life but also it acts a vent for ones emotions. Even I have sometimes felt so much grief in my life that I have wished to end it. To me, again it was nothing more than an escape, a release hatch for my emotions.

I guess, we really do underestimate death. In actuality, I believe that death is like an adventure. One that each one of us explore it for ourselves, perhaps enjoy it or be sucked into a vortex of hate and pain, yet it still is an adventure. I do not know if there is a heaven or hell however, at least we all know for sure that death is a very real thing.

The beauty of death lies in the fact that it is inevitable, we may prolong it but it always comes. Man’s continued struggle with this problem has made him foolish, perhaps even arrogant in a way. Deep down inside we are all control freaks and nothing would make us happier that to be able to control the world’s most powerful force, nature itself.

Death comes swift and sure. It does its deed and lets us deal with it. Considering it a scapegoat for our problems would be more than sufficient. We put so much faith in death for answering our problems that all the physiologists in the world are considered useless. Death is far reaching and has enormous hands.

Within the reams of our worlds, death is nothing but something to look forward to. Without death, there is nothing more to expect in our lives. It is the dead end, the omega of our lives. Considering suicide, that is, treating death like a scapegoat is merely an insult to its abilities. We have to live with our problems because we really get one life, it that goes there are no more second chances.