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So What Do You Do? October 24, 2006

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This life is a complex mixture of troubles, heartaches, death and birth. Within this cycle, people manage to fill it up with troubles, some of which can really break down any normal person. So then, I ask, what will you do if such a thing were to happen in your life?

It seems really difficult to understand, at least for me though, how can one life have more problems than there are days. I don’t mean only the important stuff life making marriage commitments but everything, all facets of life. I really do hate it when people underplay childrens’ problems but that is a topic for a later time.

Running has always been the panacea for all problems. Running away is just so easy to do in the face of a problem that I doubt that it has never occurred in a normal persons mind, no matter how powerful or strong he may be. The answers are not so easy to find, and searching is very difficult to do.

Ultimately, we (or more specifically, me) find solace in the only thing we have left. For me, it’s my parents. I find solace, comfort and happiness within their presence. I am lucky to have them in the first place, but there are those who have nothing, no one to comfort them. Their lives go on, forgetting their previous problems moving on to the next. It takes real courage to face them alone but for some reason, we have become weaker.

I don’t have the courage to face my own problems sometimes. I know that they are they for a reason, but without knowing why I can’t answer them. But coming back to the topic, what do you do when it all comes down on you. Well, I can say for all sure that, in the face of all my problems, I learn to deal with them, by myself, with my own courage. After all, isn’t that what the “Creator” wants from us?


Invincible September 24, 2006

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Within our minds there is always something running, like a power plant continuously churning out thoughts, on hate, friendship, science and so on. More so, everyone needs something or someone to generate those thoughts. They are not created out of thin air, we need catalysts and these come in the form of our experiences.

However, as is my usual habit, I tend to focus on the exceptions rather than the stereotype. How is it that someone, who has no real contact with any outsider, is able to write amazing things? My prime example would be of the poet John Milton. This man, even tough he was blind, captivated the imagination of millions by his simple yet thought provoking poems. How was it that he could see the truth even tough he was blind?

I do not know the answer to this but I am at liberty to speculate. I believe that our thoughts are not spontaneous emissions of our brain trying to churn out more information. Thoughts are more like the wind or air, which has to be felt. When I say thoughts, I refer to the ideas, which influence others to do something amazing. Writing an epic, being completely blind like Homer, the Greek poet IS truly amazing.

So then, my next question would be, can one attain invincibility through their thoughts? They say that people may die but ideas are bulletproof. Invincibility does not come through ones power; it comes through ones ideals, moral beliefs and the readiness to fight conviction. It is not necessary therefore, to search for an elixir of life or a fountain of youth. The answer to invincibility comes from within ourselves. All it takes is an idea.

So then, run to your room, lock yourself and search deep within yourself for an idea, and fill the void left by our politicians, the void of ideas. Fight for what you believe in and make sure that your ideas are protected because without them, you are nothing more than a shell.

“You can jail a revolutionary, but you cannot jail the revolution.” — Bobby Seale


The Edge Of Reason September 21, 2006

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Everyone has ideas, beliefs, quirks, hobbies and feelings and as such we all express these in the form of physical activities. Sometimes, we all feel like having an impulse buy, or just telling our neighbors to shut up while you are reading and awesome book. However, there are certain people who are willing to take this a bit too far. And so they stand on the edge of reason.

Among the billions of people in the world, about one fourth of then are infected with a physiological “disease” of obsession. It happens to all of us, the desire to keep ones room perfectly clean or like me, always have my books and magazines arranged in the order of its dimensions. However, the only thing which separates us from the people whom I take about is the fact that we have reasoning, we know if we are being obsessive. We prevent ourselves from doing such things. However, there are some who can’t.

I wish to talk about the kind of people who just are obsessive with their beliefs. I am one of them. I hold on to my beliefs religiously. Without them, I believe that life has no dimensions, it doesn’t exist. It may sound kind of super paranoid however, I still adhere to them. Hence, as a result I know exactly what to believe in, and thus bring some meaning to my life. My life has a purpose, to fulfill my dreams in the order that my beliefs are never shattered (the can be bent slightly).

I cannot even begin to imagine the life of a person who lacks the structure that I give my life. In many cases, I need to have well defined walls, not the flimsy ones which may give out on the slightest scrutiny. I am not at liberty to call these people names for not having the structure that I do, and I sincerely apologize to the people who I may have hurt because of this (I know you’re reading this). I have realized in the past month, that it’s not only me, who has a perceptive of life. We all do, and therein lies the beauty of life, it has multiple paths to the same destination.

I have not fully understood life, nor have I lived it at all, but I can say this with absolute certainty that life is diverse, especially in the matter of beliefs. Beliefs and ideals never die, because as long as they are created, there will be someone to follow them. I like my life rigid, in only the aspect of its deepest core, the portion which everyone should care about. We all look at life in a certain way, and so do I, without substance and ideals no one can live and thus it is necessary that we think over what we believe in, whether it be rigid or loose, its all a matter of choice.

“Beliefs are not created by people; people only embody them because beliefs are immortal”


The Body, Mind And Spirit August 25, 2006

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“The Spirit is a fragile thing; it is easily broken but never far from repair”

          Kwame Nkrumah


The body is a carbon based life form. However, we humans, have a deeper meaning to the word life. We have evolved over millions of years and in this period we have also evolved consciousness.  In this process, the concept of the mind and spirit has risen. The Red Indians are heavily dependent on the spirit as much as we Indians are.


The spirit is a very interesting thing. It cannot be studied but its existence can be felt. To me, it is the companion of the body, the “mechanical” part of the body. It can never be created and that is what separates the real people from android robots. It is the driving force behind us all. We live by it and can’t live without it.


But sometimes the spirit is easily broken. The entire life force, motivation to do the task ahead is broken. It may be an incident or a death of a loved one, but the emptiness never dies. Kwame Nkrumah, the first Kenyan president believes that the spirit can never remain broken. I partially agree with him however, I do say that the breaking of a spirit can ruin anything for a man forever.


I have never had such an experience and so I merely speculate about the mental situation but I can accurately guess the feeling of such a person. We are filled with difficulties everyday and mostly it comes in the wrong places. The things we like the most are made the worst by people looking to break your spirit. I know this very well. Sometimes it is not so easy to avoid such situations. But the thing to remember is that it is ultimately the end which counts.


No matter how many a** holes come in your way, no matter how many obstacles come in your way, tackle them all and one day when you are rich and famous you can throw that in their faces and laugh (laugh out loud, that is).