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From Love To Death February 17, 2007

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Hey guys, sorry for the long delay between all the posts, I had a lot going on but will try to be more regular. I have decided to change my style of writing, albeit only in a few aspects, however, I hope that it is better than my previous style.

What a journey, life is. It goes from bad to worse to good and then great. It’s a modern day roller coaster ride. But there is one relationship I have always noticed, which is coincidental because of the recent Valentine’s Day celebration (of which I have my own opinions). I don’t seem to understand the whole relationship between love, death and depression. I mean, what is it with people; all they can seem to think of when they fall in love (if such a thing even exists) is sadness.

It seems oxymoron-ish in a way. The whole point of love is to make us happy. It gives this world the “secret sauce” which makes it a living, breathing place. Then why are the two most commonly related terms, love and death? Shakespeare was kind of pioneer in the field. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet et cetera, all these seem to display some kind of mental anguish. Love seems to be so complicated. I sure as hell can’t make head or tail of it.

Being a brother and a son, I do have an idea about one aspect of it, but I am pretty sure that everyone reading this has an idea too. The love between a man and a woman is supposed to be special, but it turns out more complex, factors, variables and time, all these seem to be kind of a blockade, a hurdle if you will, to the ultimate goal of true love.

Then again, I am curious to think, does love even exist in its purest form? Are the days of undying love as those of fairy tales dead? I hope not. But the more I see, the more I find contradictory examples. Rape, sex and drugs, trying to get a girl in bed seems to the new ultimate goal. Perhaps all those who have experienced the thought of love, or even its mere perception were deceived, or were hoping to find redemption in being lucky enough to find that special someone.

They say that one has not experienced life until they have experienced love. It seems now that the experience of life has been destroyed for most of us. I can see it now; most of us go to the great beyond disappointed at what life had to offer us. All I hope for the future is that I will one day be able to find my own special someone. I just want to experience life, is that so difficult to accomplish?


Born To Hate September 28, 2006

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One experience, to be exact one bad experience, that’s all it takes to create a mind filled with pessimistic hatred for all of humanity. I used to be quite the same and so I can relate very much to this post.

Everyone has bad experience and so did I and just like the many others of the world I let all that get to me, I closed myself from any real human contact. I am very stingy in giving away trust; I was a lot more before. I however, am not too keen on sharing my personal experiences so you will just let all that die here. Anyway, I was wrong in what I did. No one is invincible, they are struck down somehow, and it’s a sad conundrum that such things are done by our own race.

We, as humans ourselves should sympathize with each other, but we don’t creating an endless cycle of hate and deceit. It may seem really extraordinary that so few can hate so much, but that’s the power of the human mind. Everything is relative and to me the definition of “real” hate goes way beyond the word or fist fights. It’s more of an ego thing, the clash of opposite worlds, the hate so deep that it contaminates our very core, it changes who we are.

Such life changing experience can be catastrophic. However, what can be more is the way we deal with such problems. I took the wrong way, by keeping a grudge and now I repent for my mistakes. I have learnt the “right” way (according to me, that is) and so am happy with whom I am. I do not condemn those who carry hate in their hearts only if they are beyond the point of no return. There is no hope for them.

I cannot blame people themselves for all this because; it is after all our nurturing and environment which makes us who we are. If we free our minds, throw away all barriers of sense, ego, and pride, the world will be more confusing yes, but so much more beautiful. All it takes is a few minutes of reflection to do right our mistakes. I am not a preacher, just a person concerned with making a better world for the next generation.
I am also no hippie, and do not advocate not standing up to people. Fighting is a part of our daily lives, we all have to hate someone or something, but when that hate bubbles up into a ball of envy, anger and revenge we have the problem of “true” hate. I only advise and so I ask all of you to please let go of such things, just remember that we are not the only ones who have something to hate. This is our world and so it is our responsibility to make sure that we make it all right.

“Lives are not destroyed by our experiences; they are destroyed by our actions.”


The Chameleon August 24, 2006

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No, I am not talking about the Spiderman villain (however, he does have some relevance to this post). We meet people everyday, from the postman to the teachers at school or your boss at work. We talk, if we need to and that’s it, job done. And then, there are friends. These are the people who we don’t necessarily meet everyday but we still go out of our way to talk to them. Now, all of us have friends, one way or the other, some more than others (after all, the world is a popularity contest).


Imagine you are a complete loser in school (like me), you have barely any friends, and then, suddenly, one day someone comes up to you to talk to you. Excitement, happiness and relief, are the first three emotions passing through your head. However, in all that excitement logic is thrown out the window. I have seen this in real life as well some TV shows too (albeit not too accurate).


Once we achieve or gain something we want badly, we really don’t question its validity, origin or its motives. In the above case, the friend could be genuine by Occam’s razor but, I believe that, that is a rare case. Not many people, especially now-a-days are willing to make friends unnecessarily. Then it happens, one day, the knife in the back is plunged. All the fake walls come crashing down. After that, who is left to help you? No-one, why? Because you blew them off because you made better and new friends.


Those who realize this fact by this or any other post are truly insightful and might not get scammed very easily. However, the majorities don’t and so end up in the aforementioned situation. My question, on the other hand is why? Why can’t people be satisfied with the great friends they have? Then again, are we ever satisfied?  Not many people are willing to take anyone back after such an insult but if you have a true friend then he/she will.


Very few genuine people are left in this world and the shady people ruin the image of the common man towards others. I too am a victim to such an incident, I never trust anyone I meet on the internet. It’s not a habit more than it is a means to protect myself. Peoples intentions are not always clear and so it is necessary not to jump the gun.


“Two things make the soul of a man whole, goodness and good friends” – Me


All Is Forgiven August 23, 2006

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Mistakes. The one part of the human genome which has eluded scientists for years. A part of our genome that is permanent. No manner of mutation can change that. Since the conception of us homo sapiens, mistakes have been common. However, no amount of time will allow us to live with our mistakes or anyone else’s.

All it takes to spark off a fight, is a simple misunderstanding. Not even that, fights erupt just for the sake of fighting, but that’s a topic for another day. Anyway, why is it that people feel it unnecessary for us to forgive others when we are full of mistakes? All is takes is a simple,”It’s O.K.”. That’s it. Fight avoided, people happy and unbruised. But no, society doesn’t work that way.

It is every man, woman and child’s prerequisite that no one make mistakes and moreover, that they shouldn’t deal with it. The world doesn’t work the way we want to. Authority is mostly the reason most fist fights are avoided. Its not possible to fight with authority, no matter how wrong they may be. Not to get too overly religious, I believe that God has created us with mistakes to see how much, we can tolerate each other.

I do not ask everyone to forgive each other for all mistakes, nor do I ask everyone to avoid fights, all I ask is for a little tolerance. People in glass houses don’t throw stones. We live to fight and fight to live. Maybe this cycle can be broken. Nah. That isn’t possible. People just can’t get along. World Peace will only remain a dream.

Propagate peace. Two words to live by. Peace, forgiveness, love. None of these are the unachievable by normal men. All it requires is a simple, You are forgiven to avoid a fight, death, plunder, war, suffering… So, whenever you are about to have another quarrel, just remember, you aren’t any better. Now that’s, what life is about.


Me And My Symmetrical Life August 7, 2006

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I don’t know what it is about me but I always have to have things symmetrical in my life. To be more precise I always have to have everything in the correct place and order. This may be a common thing for most people but this is new to me. Not so long ago I was different, I never cared for such things, but as I said earlier, things change.

This kept me thinking, if things change so much, why is it always inconvenient? Why is it that change always keeps us much more unproductive than we should be. I like to see things change but being part of one is too much for me to bear. Now, I don’t want to repeat myself and so let me shoot right to the main topic.

They say entropy is the root of all disorder but then again does it really apply to us carbon based life-forms. In this three dimensional world, we all exist for one purpose, to destroy it. It may seem like jumping the gun but think about it. How much do we, not someone who you see littering but WE do?

I’ve heard the age old argument that, “We recycle, so why should I care about my environment anymore?” That said, people assume that they are no longer responsible for anything they do to the environment. I have experienced this first hand. Although, before I get clarifying comments, I am saying that we all become crazy environmentalists; however, I am saying that we keep vigilant against our own destruction to the environment.


The World Is A Meanie August 4, 2006

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Why is it that everyone always has to do whatever is good for them but not contribute to the greater good? I take pride in my greater command over the English language. No matter what you say to me, I will always believe that I am the best at speaking English. However, a few don’t share the same opinion which I will narrate through an anecdote.

So, the other day I was going up for the inter-school cultural tryouts. I was selected for dumb charades and for dramatics (to my utter amazement). So I thought why not go in for debate too (because of my excellence in English) and I did. However, there was no inter-school debate however; a comment from the student in charge of the selection startled me. He stated that I was incompetent in the subject. I was taken aback and gave him a peace of my mind. He was willing to take his friend in my place even tough I should be the clear choice. He got what came to him when I was recommended by the teacher to participate in the debate if there was one.

The whole point of the story is that no matter who a person is, there is always the chance you will be treated like sh** by them unless you have an “inn”. Now, you guys must be going, “This guy is such a naïve moron”. Well, in my defense this guy, (form the story) happened to be a nice guy. It was much more shocking for me to hear such words come from his mouth.

I always hoped for a world of equality but if inequality and favoritism is so deeply rooted within common things at such a basic level, how can we expect to see any growth? My father always told me that the world was this way but I honestly believed that all this was made up. So, I got my lesson. I can only hope that one day, when I am grumpy and old, I can look back at the world and say, “Finally, things have changed”. I hope that, one day, I can say this with a straight face.


Passion Of The Subject June 26, 2006

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I love to go to school. This statement may be controversial in itself. But seriously, I really do love to go to school, recently. Let me explain. In India, there is a system whereby, on completion of the tenth grade students are allowed to choose their own subjects. So, my favorite subjects being Science and Maths, I took those.

So, nowadays I love to go to school because I only have to learn my favorite subjects, albeit with some lazy and useless teachers. In my opinion, the passion for the subject is more than enough for me to like it, irrespective of any teachers.

Sadly, I cannot say the same for my colleagues. One chat with me and I am bound to go to the principles of science or maths. However, many of the students in my class, even my friends, do not share the same enthusiasm with which I learn my subjects. This seemed really odd to me in the beginning. When you are given full freedom to study whatever you want, then why not be enthusiastic about it.

After days of pondering, the answer came to me. It doesn’t matter what subjects you take, what matters is how passionate you are about it. For some, it may not be studies but sports, TV, books etc. Although, I still do wonder how people like these will turn out. I am not as boring as I sound, because I also like to have fun but still, these “students” do not even care to learn more about what they are being taught.

Maybe, this is an outsider’s perspective, and I would surely like it if someone gave me their views on this matter, I will still consider these “students” to be failures. According to me, anyone who cannot be passionate about their future, their studies (especially when give a choice) and their academic record will just turn out to be a failure.