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Death: The Leveler October 8, 2006

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I have been thinking recently, and it struck me, that to most people death is nothing but an escape. Suicide is not only a means to end ones life but also it acts a vent for ones emotions. Even I have sometimes felt so much grief in my life that I have wished to end it. To me, again it was nothing more than an escape, a release hatch for my emotions.

I guess, we really do underestimate death. In actuality, I believe that death is like an adventure. One that each one of us explore it for ourselves, perhaps enjoy it or be sucked into a vortex of hate and pain, yet it still is an adventure. I do not know if there is a heaven or hell however, at least we all know for sure that death is a very real thing.

The beauty of death lies in the fact that it is inevitable, we may prolong it but it always comes. Man’s continued struggle with this problem has made him foolish, perhaps even arrogant in a way. Deep down inside we are all control freaks and nothing would make us happier that to be able to control the world’s most powerful force, nature itself.

Death comes swift and sure. It does its deed and lets us deal with it. Considering it a scapegoat for our problems would be more than sufficient. We put so much faith in death for answering our problems that all the physiologists in the world are considered useless. Death is far reaching and has enormous hands.

Within the reams of our worlds, death is nothing but something to look forward to. Without death, there is nothing more to expect in our lives. It is the dead end, the omega of our lives. Considering suicide, that is, treating death like a scapegoat is merely an insult to its abilities. We have to live with our problems because we really get one life, it that goes there are no more second chances.


Looking For A Reason September 29, 2006

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Justification. It is mans only way to discern his actions, to make sure that he has done the correct thing. We justify everything from our impulse purchases to our most dreadful of sins. We need this justification to have confirmation that our deed has been the right one. However, humans, like you and me are prone to making up reasons to justify our own deeds.

Unfortunately, most of us justify the deed after it has been done. If these few minutes of reflections were used more usefully before the deed the out come would have been much more profitable. It is really a shame that most of the people, who I know of, do just the opposite of my advice. But then again there is another class of people who go a step further.

I also know of a few who make up false justifications for their actions. To them, every deed, every action is the correct one, it is the absolute truth. Now I can agree that confidence is a good thing but there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. Justifying the wrong deed with a flawed judgment is awful and may cause more harm than good.

These people who I describe are not so because of some destiny they were given, they are so because of choice. Everything boils down to choice, we can choose to decide that every action of ours is the right one, but that doesn’t make it true. We all learn to accept our mistake and most of us feel sorry for them too. However, these people are afraid of committing a mistake so, they deicide to cover it up; bury it by pretending that it was the correct decision.

Those who fear nothing again are liars because they are afraid of getting afraid. Similarly, those who say they never make the wrong call are liars in their own right because they too are afraid of committing a mistake. Those who learn to live with their mistakes can go a long way in life while those who bury it will continue to fight their demons for the rest of their lives.


Born To Hate September 28, 2006

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One experience, to be exact one bad experience, that’s all it takes to create a mind filled with pessimistic hatred for all of humanity. I used to be quite the same and so I can relate very much to this post.

Everyone has bad experience and so did I and just like the many others of the world I let all that get to me, I closed myself from any real human contact. I am very stingy in giving away trust; I was a lot more before. I however, am not too keen on sharing my personal experiences so you will just let all that die here. Anyway, I was wrong in what I did. No one is invincible, they are struck down somehow, and it’s a sad conundrum that such things are done by our own race.

We, as humans ourselves should sympathize with each other, but we don’t creating an endless cycle of hate and deceit. It may seem really extraordinary that so few can hate so much, but that’s the power of the human mind. Everything is relative and to me the definition of “real” hate goes way beyond the word or fist fights. It’s more of an ego thing, the clash of opposite worlds, the hate so deep that it contaminates our very core, it changes who we are.

Such life changing experience can be catastrophic. However, what can be more is the way we deal with such problems. I took the wrong way, by keeping a grudge and now I repent for my mistakes. I have learnt the “right” way (according to me, that is) and so am happy with whom I am. I do not condemn those who carry hate in their hearts only if they are beyond the point of no return. There is no hope for them.

I cannot blame people themselves for all this because; it is after all our nurturing and environment which makes us who we are. If we free our minds, throw away all barriers of sense, ego, and pride, the world will be more confusing yes, but so much more beautiful. All it takes is a few minutes of reflection to do right our mistakes. I am not a preacher, just a person concerned with making a better world for the next generation.
I am also no hippie, and do not advocate not standing up to people. Fighting is a part of our daily lives, we all have to hate someone or something, but when that hate bubbles up into a ball of envy, anger and revenge we have the problem of “true” hate. I only advise and so I ask all of you to please let go of such things, just remember that we are not the only ones who have something to hate. This is our world and so it is our responsibility to make sure that we make it all right.

“Lives are not destroyed by our experiences; they are destroyed by our actions.”


Life Is A Popularity Contest September 26, 2006

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To many, there are only two things which really matter popularity and its ensuing consequence, power. When people live such a one dimensional life it is easy to see that they mostly end up as losers in life. There is no way that one can achieve anything directly in life. It takes a mixture of faith, hope and hard work. They why is it that most people assume that popular people are the most likely to be successful?

I am basing this whole point on the assumption that popular people think they will be successful. What is popularity anyway? As a stranger to popularity I am completely unaware of this; however I am very aware of its affects. I guess, in many ways that it is knowledge and the false sense of security of having eternal friends which causes the ignorant bliss coming from such people. I believe, and may be true in thinking so, that everyone wants to be happy and an essential ingredient of happiness is security.

I am however, completely sure that this friendship is permanent, atleast until the popularity fades away. The human mind is extremely complex, and thus it is impossible to determine every possible reaction to popularity. It may seem unreasonable that I assume all popular people are stuck up snobs. This may not entail true, yet, in my experience I have seen no such thing.

In much the same way as a school, life too is a popularity contest. Those who are well liked and popular always seem to be at the forefront of getting good jobs, cars, wives and so on. As the dearth of being unpopular becomes apparent to us, even me, and so most of us wish for a better life. The popular life may seem better to most but this depends entirely on what your definition of a “better” life is.

To me, a better life doesn’t mean a better car or a wife. It comes from ones inner being. It is our decision to be good in spite of not being popular or well known. After all, at the time of death all these things are irrelevant. As the famous poem once stated, “Death is nothing but the leveler. At death, neither rich nor poor can be saved, only the virtuous.” A better life is a virtuous life. It doesn’t matter how popular one is or how famous one is. A true person’s memory always lives forever in the minds of those whom he has touched, and to us that should be all the consolation we need to live life, to fight our demons and to make this place a better one.


Invincible September 24, 2006

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Within our minds there is always something running, like a power plant continuously churning out thoughts, on hate, friendship, science and so on. More so, everyone needs something or someone to generate those thoughts. They are not created out of thin air, we need catalysts and these come in the form of our experiences.

However, as is my usual habit, I tend to focus on the exceptions rather than the stereotype. How is it that someone, who has no real contact with any outsider, is able to write amazing things? My prime example would be of the poet John Milton. This man, even tough he was blind, captivated the imagination of millions by his simple yet thought provoking poems. How was it that he could see the truth even tough he was blind?

I do not know the answer to this but I am at liberty to speculate. I believe that our thoughts are not spontaneous emissions of our brain trying to churn out more information. Thoughts are more like the wind or air, which has to be felt. When I say thoughts, I refer to the ideas, which influence others to do something amazing. Writing an epic, being completely blind like Homer, the Greek poet IS truly amazing.

So then, my next question would be, can one attain invincibility through their thoughts? They say that people may die but ideas are bulletproof. Invincibility does not come through ones power; it comes through ones ideals, moral beliefs and the readiness to fight conviction. It is not necessary therefore, to search for an elixir of life or a fountain of youth. The answer to invincibility comes from within ourselves. All it takes is an idea.

So then, run to your room, lock yourself and search deep within yourself for an idea, and fill the void left by our politicians, the void of ideas. Fight for what you believe in and make sure that your ideas are protected because without them, you are nothing more than a shell.

“You can jail a revolutionary, but you cannot jail the revolution.” — Bobby Seale


The Edge Of Reason September 21, 2006

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Everyone has ideas, beliefs, quirks, hobbies and feelings and as such we all express these in the form of physical activities. Sometimes, we all feel like having an impulse buy, or just telling our neighbors to shut up while you are reading and awesome book. However, there are certain people who are willing to take this a bit too far. And so they stand on the edge of reason.

Among the billions of people in the world, about one fourth of then are infected with a physiological “disease” of obsession. It happens to all of us, the desire to keep ones room perfectly clean or like me, always have my books and magazines arranged in the order of its dimensions. However, the only thing which separates us from the people whom I take about is the fact that we have reasoning, we know if we are being obsessive. We prevent ourselves from doing such things. However, there are some who can’t.

I wish to talk about the kind of people who just are obsessive with their beliefs. I am one of them. I hold on to my beliefs religiously. Without them, I believe that life has no dimensions, it doesn’t exist. It may sound kind of super paranoid however, I still adhere to them. Hence, as a result I know exactly what to believe in, and thus bring some meaning to my life. My life has a purpose, to fulfill my dreams in the order that my beliefs are never shattered (the can be bent slightly).

I cannot even begin to imagine the life of a person who lacks the structure that I give my life. In many cases, I need to have well defined walls, not the flimsy ones which may give out on the slightest scrutiny. I am not at liberty to call these people names for not having the structure that I do, and I sincerely apologize to the people who I may have hurt because of this (I know you’re reading this). I have realized in the past month, that it’s not only me, who has a perceptive of life. We all do, and therein lies the beauty of life, it has multiple paths to the same destination.

I have not fully understood life, nor have I lived it at all, but I can say this with absolute certainty that life is diverse, especially in the matter of beliefs. Beliefs and ideals never die, because as long as they are created, there will be someone to follow them. I like my life rigid, in only the aspect of its deepest core, the portion which everyone should care about. We all look at life in a certain way, and so do I, without substance and ideals no one can live and thus it is necessary that we think over what we believe in, whether it be rigid or loose, its all a matter of choice.

“Beliefs are not created by people; people only embody them because beliefs are immortal”


The “Dot Syndrome” August 26, 2006

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There are only two things which make us feel big, looking down on others or conquering a very tough problem about the universe. However, how big are we really?


The idea for this post came to me when I saw a dot on a huge completely white wall. It may seem kind of weird to get an idea from a mere dot but please be patient and let me explain. Anyway, while I was looking at this dot, I realized that for us, ants or bugs are small and insignificant so then to the universe or even at the level of the planets we are as small as microbes, bacterial and viral infections on the planet.


Well, not exactly diseases but you get the point. Its all about perspective, whenever we look at a rookie, someone new at anything we flaunt our superiority towards them. Our condescending attitude towards them may fuel our ego and make us look humungous but are we really that big.


Sometimes, all we need to do is take a step back. Look at the bigger picture, heck, even take a look at the whole canvas. There are some things which are way beyond anything we can imagine. People consider themselves as the epitaph of all knowledge but taking a step back, we are just about as important as the rock which you see on the street.


Thoughts like this really make me wonder that achieving fame for something important (not being an actor, actress or model) is something very big. Einstein is the very first and best example of this. A fragile man who lived like a peasant was able to imagine big and in the end, even the universe fell to his feet. He conquered the universe itself making his mark on the world. In much the same way, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela…the list goes on and on. These men have carved themselves a small niche in the world which even time can’t erase.


So, in the end, it isn’t about power, superiority or knowledge all that matters in the world is perspective. If you believe that being rich and famous and showing off your status as an entertainer is enough then perhaps you have achieved all. But remember, those who think big, will achieve big. So think big, empower yourself and gain the respect of the world. Free yourself from my “dot syndrome”.