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School sucks big time January 3, 2006

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Unfortunately we both study in the same school. We are in 10 grade and pretty much are the only decent boys. First and foremost we have 49 boys in our class and a class teacher who barely knows english. In case your wondering whether we go to a government or private institution. This is a private institution and is quite famous in the city. But inside the school it is hell. First of all today i would like to say about my teachers. Mr R. Boominathan is our class teacher. He studied in a third grade school somewhere in tamil nadu (or even if he is from this planet). This guy is our science teacher and sure is stupid. I mean come on dude if your going to teach us science do it properly. He’ll come to class, blabber on for 15 mins daily about good behavour and eats our brains out. Since i and tushar sit in the second last row we make fun of him behind his back(hey seriously that is the only way we survive). Sure we respect infront of him but the second he leaves we blast his godforsaken butt off the chair. Since it is difficult to write how he sucks in real life all readers out there just think of a man/woman with moustache and is bald(rip off from XXX the movie) and with an attitude like this “Ahh Nick only” or “If you do not listen to me you will become cheap only”. Man the way he degrades english would make the Queen of England to take a shotgun and shoot his buttugly head off his shoulders(the guy doesn’t even have a neck). That’s all for today See you.

One who doesn’t see the enemy coming becomes entitled to death unforeseen(Chinese Proverb)


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